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Kidney Disease Diagnosis Next Steps

On Monday, Dr. Gibney appeared in a new live episode of DadviceTV discussing kidney disease diagnosis and the most important next steps.

This is one of the scariest times for kidney patients, but you can regain confidence and control over your health with a little knowledge and the right healthcare team.

Building your healthcare team

Many patients are terrified to hear they have kidney disease or “kidney failure.” They don’t know much about kidney disease, but they know they don’t want dialysis or transplant. Some patients are even worried they are going to die. How bad is it?

For most cases, a kidney disease diagnosis means that your doctors have noticed a decrease in kidney function — your kidneys aren’t filtering your blood quite as well as they should. With proper treatment, most people should be able to preserve function and stay healthy.

To find out what your kidney disease diagnosis means, you will need to consult with your healthcare team, which should include your primary care physician (PCP), any specialists (endocrinologist, cardiologist, nephrologist), and your personal patient advocate. Check out our latest blog to read more about building your healthcare team.

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