Dr. Richard Gibney appears on DadviceTV

On Thursday, January 20, Dr. Gibney appeared in a new live episode of DadviceTV. During this one-hour live YouTube broadcast, Dr. Gibney spoke with show host James Fabin about promising new medications and empowered healthcare methods that are preserving kidney function and keeping CKD patients off dialysis.

Meet James Fabin, Kidney Health Coach

At just 46 years old, James Fabin was diagnosed with unexpected “renal failure.” After a week in intensive care, he was ready to turn his life around. Through diet and lifestyle changes and with the help of his medical care team, James determined to save his kidneys and stay off dialysis.

Years later, James not only managed to improve his own health, but he’s helped thousands of other CKD patients as well. As he began soaking up all the kidney health information he could find, he realized that others could benefit from it too. That’s when he founded his own YouTube channel, DadviceTV.

James Fabin in his home studio where he broadcasts live shows to equip and educate fellow CKD patients.

“When I first went online in the ICU trying to find support groups, I found there was a lot of misinformation out there,” he said. “Some of it was just too general to be helpful, but some of it was plain wrong or dangerous. The lack of online support is really part of what drove me to say, ‘You know what? I’m gonna fill that gap.’”

Today James’ channel has almost 150,000 subscribers around the world, and he hosts multiple live shows each month interviewing kidney doctors, renal dietitians, social workers, and more. Each episode reaches thousands — and sometimes millions — of viewers, providing valuable knowledge, encouragement, and inspiration.

You can read more of James’ incredible personal story in this article from USA Today.

DadviceTV and Empowered Kidney Care

As soon as the Empowered Kidney Care team discovered James Fabin’s work with DadviceTV, they knew he had something special.

“James is just an everyday guy who’s set out to give people the coaching and knowledge they need,” says Dr. Gibney. “He’s smart and personable and very good at translating the medical knowledge into information patients can actually use to take control of their own health… That’s totally in line with everything we want to do with the Empowered Kidney Care movement.”

After a conversation in early January, it was clear that the two clicked. For the EKC team, it was inspiring to learn about James’ story, the platform he has built, and the millions of people he has helped. As for James, he was also excited to hear about Dr. Gibney’s progress with empowered CKD patients in San Antonio, Texas and the growing body of data that proves many of the principles he has so passionately advocated on DadviceTV.

Tune in to see Dr. Gibney on DadviceTV

To catch James’ first official conversation with Dr. Gibney, visit YouTube for a recording of the live broadcast about preserving kidney function with groundbreaking new medications and patient empowerment.

Visit the DadviceTV YouTube channel for more episodes featuring kidney health thought leaders, and check-in for more episodes with Dr. Gibney in the future!

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