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Free educational resources to inspire and empower kidney disease patients and healthcare providers.

Take control of your kidney health: patient advocates

By Empowered Kidney Care / October 27, 2021

The American healthcare system is the biggest in the world, employing millions of doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff around the country. With all these people dedicated to better care, why is it still so easy for patients to feel alone? To feel lost in the system? The solution is often simpler (and closer to…

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Empowered CKD Management Protocol

By Empowered Kidney Care / September 28, 2021

Through the past six months at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas, Dr. Richard Gibney and the Empowered Kidney Care team have published a first draft of their official empowered CKD Management Protocol. Already, the first six month’s results are inspiring, demonstrating a promising start to a complete empowered kidney…

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Kidney Care Empowerment Checklist

By Empowered Kidney Care / June 2, 2021

Healthcare empowerment sounds like a great idea, but what exactly does it mean? It can feel like an intimidating goal for both patients and healthcare providers. Many doctors may walk into an exam room with the best of intentions but not know the right questions to ask. Patients too may want to take control of…

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