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New kidney drugs emerge in the fight against CKD

By Empowered Kidney Care / June 22, 2022

After decades of relatively little progress, patients with CKD are finally getting access to promising new kidney drugs. We’re optimistic about a new chapter in kidney disease management, fueled by an active pipeline of new and innovative medications. Here are a few notable drugs that have been making headlines in the kidney care industry. SGLT-2…

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How can we preserve kidney function?

By Empowered Kidney Care / December 29, 2021

Preserving kidney function is all about empowering the patient, and that’s why Empowered Kidney Care is turning the traditional approach to nephrology on its head. Rather than focusing solely on dialysis and end stage renal disease (ESRD), EKC is moving “upstream” to treat early-stage chronic kidney disease (CKD) and preserve kidney function. This concept isn’t…

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Finerenone shows promise as a kidney medication

By Empowered Kidney Care / December 1, 2021

At Empowered Kidney Care, we continue to pioneer a shift from reactive renal replacement (dialysis and transplant) to preventive kidney care. By moving upstream to preserve kidney function, we can help patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) stay healthy and stay off dialysis altogether. Successful CKD management depends largely on empowered patients and a collaborative…

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