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The Story of Empowered Kidney Care (Video)

Empowered Kidney Care exists to improve outcomes and quality of experience throughout the kidney care industry. We help healthcare providers create a culture of collaboration, offering control, dignity, and hope to all patients.

EKC Founder Dr. Richard Gibney has been in the kidney care industry for over four decades. For most of his career, Dr. Gibney simply didn’t know that there were alternatives to the status quo. His dialysis units were all better than average, but he began to wonder… what if good enough simply isn’t good enough? He genuinely cared about all of his patients and staff, and he realized that the system was letting them all down.

Today, Dr. Gibney and his specialized team of doctors, nurses, and technicians have shifted their focus “upstream” to successfully preserve kidney function for patients with CKD. Learn more about our work and join the empowered movement.

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Empowered Kidney Care

The Empowered Kidney Care staff is made up of doctors, nurses, educators, and change-makers all dedicated to revolutionizing the kidney care experience in America.