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Your Doctor-Patient Relationship: Tempo, Time, Touch, and Trust

A quality doctor-patient relationship is essential. Healthcare is a collaborative effort between the patient, the doctor, and the medical team. As a physician, I know certain things will make or break that relationship. Today, I want to share four essential factors — the four Ts — for any doctor-patient team. You can think through each…
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What’s the difference? Palliative vs Hospice Kidney Care

Sometimes doctors push patients toward dialysis at the first sign of kidney trouble, but is that the best path for everyone? Today, I want to take a transparent look at two alternative paths: palliative and hospice kidney care. “Hospitals often tell patients they must start dialysis or they are going to die. That’s not really…
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New kidney drugs emerge in the fight against CKD

After decades of relatively little progress, patients with CKD are finally getting access to promising new kidney drugs. We’re optimistic about a new chapter in kidney disease management, fueled by an active pipeline of new and innovative medications. Here are a few notable drugs that have been making headlines in the kidney care industry. SGLT-2…
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DadviceTV: Taking Control of Kidney Disease to Avoid Dialysis

With a chronic disease like CKD, it’s easy to feel out of control. Is there anything you can do to change your future and avoid kidney dialysis? The answer is a resounding “YES.” Click above to watch the full episode with Dr. Gibney and host James Fabin on DadviceTV. Learn more about kidney health on…
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Take Control of Your Kidney Health with a Self-Coaching Mindset

Where do you feel safe and secure? What makes you feel out of control? How do these different situations affect your confidence? Your anxiety? Your ability to enjoy life? The American healthcare system is not very good at providing control. So many people feel helpless in the exam room or forgotten in the hospital. It’s…
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Kidney Disease Diagnosis Next Steps

On Monday, Dr. Gibney appeared in a new live episode of DadviceTV discussing kidney disease diagnosis and the most important next steps. This is one of the scariest times for kidney patients, but you can regain confidence and control over your health with a little knowledge and the right healthcare team. Building your healthcare team…
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